Koch Cup

Concord Invitational Regatta

Ship 300 crews win 2015 Concord Invitational Regatta


The Concord Invitational was held September 26, 2015, at the Concord Yacht Club, which is the Ship 300 sponsoring organization, under ideal sailing conditions of steady wind starting at 6 mph and building to 12 mph with an occasional gust higher to 15 mph.  A total of seven races were completed.  The regatta is a qualifying regatta, or ladder event, for the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Sailing Cup Regatta, held every two years, and the United States Sea Scout Sailing Championship, sponsored by Boat US.  The Concord Yacht Club has hosted a qualifier regatta in 2002 and 2004.  In addition, Ship 300 sent two crews to the Koch Cup in 2002 and one crew in 2004, plus a crew in 2006 that finished 3rd in their division, while sailing on Biscayne Bay, Florida.  Registration was open to Sea Scouts in the Southern Region and the Central Region, totaling 25 states.  This year’s Concord Invitational qualified two crews for the 2016 Koch Cup that will be held at the Long Beach Yacht Club July 31- August 6, 2016.  They are:

  • First place winner: Ordinary rank Justin Douthat, Ship’s Boatswain, and Ordinary rank John Walker, formerly Ship’s Boatswain and currently Specialist for sailing
  • Second place winner: Apprentice rank Carter Busby, Ship’s Storekeeper and Apprentice rank Jeremy Driver, Ship’s Purser. 

As the Concord Invitational progressed, the fleet became tighter such that in the final race a winner was declared in a “photo-finish” between the first and second place boats where the first place boat nosed over the finish line about two inches in front of the second place boat.

The William I. Koch International Sea Scout Sailing Regatta was an inspiration of Bill Koch, America’s Cup winner in 1992, who expressed that his experience in sea scouting environment during his youth was of value, contending with other influences in his youth, including graduating from M.I.T. with a PhD.  Today his firm, Oxbow Corporation, is a leader in its industry.  Bill Koch has said he learned that sailing requires teamwork, discipline and leadership. Using some of the lessons learned from his life-long passion for the sea, Koch created his T3 philosophy – talent, teamwork and technology. Simply put, he encourages employee participation, rewards teamwork and relies on scientific research to make calculated risks. Koch used the T3 approach to win the 1992 America’s Cup, the most coveted prize in sailing.  “Ordinary people doing things extraordinarily well as a team will beat – every time – a bunch of superstars with their accompanying egos,” he told his team of amateur sailors when the sailing experts had discounted them at the start of their America’s Cup campaign.

Koch designed, built and created The William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup to foster the lessons born out of the Sea Scout Program. The biannual regatta recognizes young adults who are willing to learn leadership through seamanship.

The trophy for the Koch Cup is a replica of the America’s Cup trophy and stands 4 feet 10 inches in solid silver.  Those who place in the Koch Cup are given 10 inch replicas in silver along with the satisfaction of sailing in competition for a week with Sea Scouts from around the world against the wind and sea.



Sea scouts are trustworthy, loyal, friendly, helpful, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

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